About Us

Bohemia is a new model, multidisciplinary marketing communications group that marries the art of strategy with the science of media and direct response.

We do this through a deeper understanding of behaviour and what it takes to change it.

Whether it's winning new customers or driving existing customers to buy more, we design and implement communication programs focused on delivering profitable and measurable behavioural outcomes for our clients.

Behavioural change is achieved by harnessing the most powerful agents of change, client owned assets. Our clients staff, customers, physical assets, digital assets and growing sources of associated data are at the heart of every solution.

We focus here first because owned assets are the most influential channels in the marketing mix and often overlooked by traditional media agencies. We then leverage a growing number of paid communication channels to accelerate this behavioural change.

We venture further into the commerce of our clients business to integrate customer and sales data with the growing sources of behavioural data produced from the new communications landscape. This allows us to link our remuneration directly to delivery of desired behavioural outcomes.